Mission Statement

Steck Connections is committed to supplying first quality connectors at an economical and fair price to Industry. Our aim is to exceed our customers expectations in all areas of business:

  • Continually search out new products on behalf of our customers
  • Provide high quality devices at a fair price
  • Maintain and adapt our inventory to suit the requirements of our customers
  • Augment our abiltiy to support our customers through the use of innovative systems

Company History

Over a decade ago, Steck Connections in Canada was created from market demand for extensive and complete knowledge in World-wide connector technology. Since the 1980s Steck Connections has supplied quality connector products to North American Industry. Our vast range of International suppliers has fuelled our growth as a connector only supplier for North American industry.

Steck Connections original product of supply was IEC-309 Series Pin & Sleeve devices. This line has broadened to include a wide variety of Internationally recognized devices with approvals suited to the requirements of North American Industry. Steck Connections now carries in stock more than 10 different Manufacturers products originating from 3 continents. Sales locations-affiliates include extensive locations in North America, South America and Europe.

Connector technology continues to develop, as does Steck Connections. Our inventory of connectors continues to grow and change as required by our broad customer base. We continue to supply only devices of the highest quality from the manufactures we represent as well as from our own manufacturing facilities.

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