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Star Line Neptune Series

Harsh environment Electrical Power and Control Connectors.

Shock-Tite Series

Watertight non-metallic electrical power connectors.

Brasikon Series

Splash proof non-metallic electrical power connectors.

Disconnect Switches

Mechanically interlocked disconnect switches.

Rectangular Multipole Connectors

Rectangular connectors designed to 'DIN' standards.

Quelarc Series Connectors

Pin and sleeve welding power connectors.

EX Series

Power and Control Connectors for rough application Hazardous Locations.

Triploc Series Connectors

Power and control connectors for ordinary industrial applications.

Neploc Series Connectors

Power and control connectors for wet industrial applications

Metal Pin and Sleeve Connectors

Metallic pin and sleeve connectors designed to North American industrial standards (UL 1686)

Pre-moulded and Field Attachable Connectors

Power and control connectors complete with factory moulded cable available in a variety of lengths

Series Indicator Lamps

Incandescent and LED style Vapour-Tite fixtures


Non-metallic industrial enclosures

Cord Grips and Adapters

Nylon and Metallic Cord Grips and Thread Adapters

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